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Dear Visitor:

At ForeverPrized.com, Inc., we are most humbled to present epic poetry composed by the late Miss Lucy Acres of Whiskeytown, California.  In Life, Lucy wrote dusty rhymes about a dying breed, the cowgirl on horseback.  Thus, it is fitting that in Death, we have the privilege of watching her ride away forever in this perpetual e-memorial.

Lucy and her family are among the thousands worldwide who have saddled up on the horses of immortality with our trademarked Posthumous Vanity Publishing (PVP) services.   ForeverPrized.com, Inc. has been providing PVP and other e-memorial services since 1999 while the Scattergood family itself has been providing memorial services since 1989.

Twenty years later, we’re making Lucy Acre’s unrealized dream come true, and we can do the same for any other writer or poet who has passed on to the Next Life after having their work passed over during This One.   You can post your loved one’s prized creations to an all-accepting Universe, including  poems, short stories, and novel excerpts.  You’ll be amazed at the Reception.

(For other PVP sites, visit www.seeminglyforever.com and www.thehayfieldforever.com.)

My family and I look forward to serving Lucy’s family along with you and your family in This World and the Next One.

Yours truly,

Edgar Scattergood

Dr. Edgar B. Scattergood,
Chief Executive Officer
ForeverPrized.com, Inc.

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P.P.S.  And please also consider some of our other services.  Over at www.ForeverPrized.com, for example, you may purchase an eGrave upon such eGrounds as the elite Whispering Dells or, in the medium price range, Harmony Glades.  For example, you can visit Lucy’s eGrave here. We also offer grexting (send text messages from your cell phone directly to your loved one’s eGrave), eUrns, eFlames, and all come with our trademarked eUlogies.

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